A Scholar is a person who is involved in intellectual and academic activities. In general, a scholar is someone who takes intellectualism and applies it to a specific field. Scholars may work as professors, university researchers, or teachers. They may also be independent researchers. Scholars are also considered to be experts.

Academic scholars

The Academic Scholars Program offers a unique setting for incoming first-year students to develop and explore their academic interests. The program offers a variety of academic opportunities for aspiring scholars and supports mentorship from faculty and staff. Fellows develop research skills, and community collaborators to help them develop perspectives on research and community issues.

Research professors

Research professors are scholars who focus their careers on conducting research. Research professors generally hold more senior appointments than ordinary full professors. In the United States, the research professor position is often regarded as more prestigious than ordinary full professorships. However, they are not permanent employees of the university and must seek funding from external sources to maintain their positions.


A professor is a person with a passion for learning. They help students find their place in the world and teach them to think critically. The relationships they form with their students last a lifetime. A professor is also passionate about the field he or she teaches.

Research assistants

Research assistants for scholars are students who are actively engaged in research activities. They may be asked to organize meetings, maintain calendars, or prepare materials for presentations. These students should possess strong organizational skills to handle the workload effectively and minimize stress. Additionally, they should know how to make a to-do list and take notes during meetings to complete work tasks in a timely manner.

Poster presenters

The academic poster presentation is a popular medium used to disseminate research knowledge to a wide audience. However, little research has examined how academic poster presenters feel about the format. This study aims to examine how academic poster presenters perceive the medium, its benefits, and potential limitations.

Professional association for independent scholars

The National Coalition of Independent Scholars is a nonprofit organization that offers a professional affiliation, support services, and camaraderie to independent scholars. Members pursue a wide range of fields of study and seek scholarly opportunities outside the context of higher education. The association's purpose is to address issues that are unique to those pursuing scholarly work outside of academic institutions.