Scholar Highlight: William Ramos

Scholar Highlight: William Ramos

Pronouns: He/ Him / His
Neighborhood: Grew up in Hammond, now in Hyde Park
High School: Whiting High School
College: University of Chicago
Degree: Molecular Engineering, B.S.

Identities: First generation student, low income Student

Interesting Fact: I converted a car amplifier and bare-bone speaker drivers into a 360-watt hi-fi home sound system.

Passion:I am passionate about science literacy and advocacy for more FGLI students to get involved with STEM; I also care to develop a career as a molecular biophysicist as I aim to help elucidate cellular mechanisms.

Cool Projects: I am a huge fan of Science Olympiad and I continue to be involved as an alum. I helped establish the first invitational at my university and developed UChicago Science Olympiad with peers. Aside: if anyone is ever down for a game of chess, hit me up!

Are you seeking any opportunities?: Research, Graduate School, Post Baccalaureate Programs, Symposiums, etc. (anything science/biology), also want to connect to organizations that could potentially help me / partner with me for a project I have in mind: a group that focuses on bringing STEM to marginalized communities from a young age through advocating for science literacy at a young age via events, lectures, and class/school visits (really wanna develop this in the next year!!!!)