Scholar Highlight: Walmer Saavedra

Scholar Highlight: Walmer Saavedra

Pronouns: He/ Him / His
Neighborhood: West Lawn
High School: Lindblom
College: University of Illinois at Chicago
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies

Identities: First-generation college student, low-income student, Dreamer

Interesting Fact: My best all-time mile was 4:15

Passion: Creating things and using my skills and knowledge to make a positive difference in my community

Cool Projects: I co-founded Human Scale, a non-profit organization that aims to make a positive impact in communities by designing and building small-scale projects. We have worked with community gardens in Englewood, and currently in Pilsen but are looking for opportunities where we can collaborate with other organizations such as public parks, schools, nonprofits, and others.

Are you seeking any opportunities?: Jobs, will be graduating college in December of 2019