Scholar Highlight: Daniela Echiveste

Scholar Highlight: Daniela Echiveste

Pronouns: She/ Her / Hers
Neighborhood: Little Village
High School: Fenwick High School
College: Michigan State University
Degree: Advertising Management


Interesting Fact: I have 5 dogs.

Passion: I’m passionate about brand marketing through events! I believe that our generation prefers experiences over material. I want to dedicate my career to helping brands and organizations build themselves by creating meaningful experiences and interactions.

Cool Projects: December 2017, I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to work on a social marketing campaign with MSU. We helped build a campaign for a non-profit in Buenos Aires that worked with the elderly and the injustices/hardships they face. I became inspired to see how my major can be used to create a good in the world and promote awareness of important issues.

Are you seeking any opportunities?: Connecting with the right people! I graduate Fall 2019 so anyone that knows an opening for event marketing, let me know!